HAITI-people actually do care.

In response to Lightningpore’s post, i do agree that the motives of some of the people who are helping in the relief efforts in Haiti are questionable. However, there are people or countries that actually do care about the victims of this massive earthquake.

Recently, due to to the Haiti earthquake, the student council in River Valley High School have actually organised a donation for the students in River Valley to donate money to help the victims of the earthquake. In total, the school raised about six thousand and five hundred dollars for the Haiti victims. How in the world did these students come out with the money? After asking around, i finally realised that to my surprise, some students were willing to fork out at least ten dollars, despite their allowance only being about thirty dollars.From the actions of these students, it is actually really obvious that they have a heart and are willing to donate at least half their allowance for strangers that live thousands of miles away.

Also, several countries, including Singapore have also done their part in helping the Haiti victim overcome their ordeal by sending teams over to help at the site of the earthquake.


After the Haiti earthquake, thousands of victims were left homeless and hurt. The Singapore government has made a contribution of 50000 U.S dollars in support of the international community’s humanitarian relief efforts for earthquake-hit Haiti.


As numerous medical teams in Haiti continue to care for injured victims, the American Red cross is is coordinating shipments of blood and blood products from the United States to Haiti at the request of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). with the help of American Red Cross, America’s Blood Centers,Blood Centers of America and AABB’s National Blood Exchange, about 1100 units of blood has been sent over to Haiti to treat the earhquake victims.Uptil now, the American blood associations are still coordinating  more blood to send over to further aid the Haiti victims.

G7 countries:

During a two day summit of the G7 industralised countries, the G7 has graciously erased Haiti’s debt to them due to the recent earthquake. As many people are still homeless and injured, the Haiti government need all the financial aid they can get. Hence, the G7 countries have did their part by erasing Haiti’s debt to them, hence making relief efforts more convenient for Haiti.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. I am sure that from all these actions of the countries and schools, their care and concern for the earthquake victims in Haiti is hundred percent genuine. After hearing how all the people around the world are putting in effort to help strangers in Haiti earthquake, I am rest assured that the world is not as unfeeling as people make it out to be. Afterall, all of us are human beings, thousands and thousands of the same species, how are we going to keep our race going if we are not even helping one another?



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