Haiti: Tugs At The Heart-strings

When we lose one blessing, another is often, most unexpectedly, given in its place.

– C.S. Lewis

The deplorable, unfair deaths of people in Haiti have beset the world with much gloom and this tragedy indeed is lamentable; families lost their love ones and friends in this unexpected earthquake, children who once experience love from their parents have lost the chance to know what parents’ love is. Because of this merciless catastrophe, people have lost their home, shelter and lives. Time cannot rewind to stop this natural disaster and regrettably, not even the power of mankind can.

Pertaining to the quote above, this seemingly unpleasant disaster has unknowingly brought people all around the world with different tongues and colours together, to help to lessen the sufferings of the people in Haiti. It is heart-warming to know that students at St. James Anglican Church’s Sunday School held a concert, featuring Canta Arya School for Strings, to raise funds for homeless children and orphans in Haiti. Appallingly, the money raised was stolen even before it could be counted. It is saddening and woeful to know that someone out there, would actually dare to steal money raised for people who are going through pain and agony, without feeling a sense of shame.

On the brighter side, congregants and community members willingly donated money after hearing about the theft and the children’s concert. The sincere donations were probably doubled after the theft incident and an influx of kind donations are still coming in.

The touching actions from both the students and public have deeply tugged at the heart-strings of everyone; the efforts of those that organise fund-raising for Haiti and of course not to forget, those who have come forward to show their care and concerns. It is moving to see strangers becoming friends to help those in need when predicament falls on them. And sometimes, when the storm is over and the rainbow starts to form, do you pause to think: “Good things can come out of something bad ? – Sophie Moore Food for thought.



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