Haiti Earthquake may be a good thing after all.

Do not get me wrong, I am not a sadist who takes pleasure in others’ agony.
Let me explain.  (:

Haiti Earthquke, as we all know it,  has a big impact on the human race this time. Almost everyone is every corner of the world heard about this tragic incident and is discussing about it, be it businessmen, housewives or even students. As mentioned by the rest of the pores, many help has also delivered to the Haiti quake-site; medical, physical and financial. As quoted from Mistypore,

And sometimes, when the storm is over and the rainbow starts to form, do you pause to think: “Good things can come out of something bad ? – Sophie Moore A food for thought.

That is what I meant by this tragic incident being a good thing.

I was randomly going through some articles about the Haiti Earthquake, and I came across three consecutive articles about the helped rendered to Haiti. I was touched after reading those three articles. No, touched isn’t strong enough to express how I felt.

The first article is about students from Aurora University selling self-made T-shirts. Funds raised will go to Convoy of Hope, a Springfield, Mo.-based nonprofit that has worked in Haiti and currently feeds 11,000 children there daily. Aurora University is not the only school organisation working hard to raise funds for the Haiti Earthquake. School organisations from around the world are all finding ways to help Haiti financially. Just like what Hazypore told you, even schools like River Valley High is finding ways to raise the money to help Haiti. Currently River Valley High is still selling self-painted drawings to their students, donating all their profits to help Haiti.

The second article that I came across was about an organisation that had this sale of music goodies donated by the likes of Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys. They managed to raise a final total of more than £120,000 to help rebuild Haiti. Coldplay’s Chris Martin’s Viva La Vida tour jacket itself managed to raise £9,600. It is heartwarming to see even rockstars playing their small little role of helping Haiti. Little acts like selling their jacket can help Haiti a lot, financial-wise. Instead of just sitting at a side, rockstars actually think of these ways to help Haiti, even though Haiti has nothing to do with them. Doesn’t that make you love them even more? ;D

The third article was a major one. “Open source network management services company, the OpenNMS Group, has been tapped by social enterprise organization Inveneo to help monitor a wireless network that Inveneo set up to support NetHope’s Haiti relief efforts. In addition, the OpenNMS Group has donated a year’s worth of 24/7 support services to Inveneo to help manage the rebuilding of wireless networks in Haiti.” After hearing about the Haiti Earthquake, it has never crossed my mind that wireless networks are needed to rebuild. I only thought of helping in terms of food, shelter and finance. Inveneo was very considerate to set up wireless network for Haiti, out on their own accord. OpenNMS Group has also generously donated a year’s woth technical support. Working hand-in-hand, these two organisations rendered great help to Haiti and with their help, I’m sure Haiti will be rebuilt very soon.

These three simple but impactful articles made me realise something. We, as a world, are one big family. Although we come from different areas of the Earth, speak different language, have different practices, when something epic happens, we are there to extend our helping hands to our family members. When one of the countries meet with a tragic incident, we try our very best to help them recover. We may seem so far apart on the World Map, but deep inside, we are closely bonded. This is because we all belong to the same family, the Human Race. Reading numerous newspaper articles about how people all over the world do what they can to help the Haiti really moves me. They might not know people involved in this Earthquake, but they are ever-so-willing to help them.

Through this Earthquake, Human Love towards each other can be seen. To me, I feel that this Earthquake has somehow bonded us Human Race together as we strive hard to raise money for Haiti or to even help them physically. This world does not seem so cold and cruel after all, because we now know there is a compassionate and wonderful side of the Human Race.

Now, don’t you agree with me that Haiti Earthquake may be a good thing after all? 😀
(I did say “MAY be”.)

Loves, Snowypore! ♥


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