Is Haiti worth saving?

“How to donate to Haiti earthquake victims.”
“Support disaster relief in Haiti.”
“Help Haiti Now.”

You might have seen these sentences almost everyday on the web. Be it Facebook, Google or Yahoo. Almost everyone out there is willing to lend a helping hand to the people in Haiti. The American Red Cross and other U.S. Blood Centers are offering to send blood to Haiti; Neighbouring CARICOM member countries are also assisting with the supply of essential medical and food items too. Many other countries such as the United Nations and the European Commision have donated or pledged nearly US$38 million in total, with the United States pledging an additional US$100 million.

Even my buddies from the school’s exchange programme are willing to fork out their lunch money for the people in Haiti.

However, is Haiti worth all that?

America has been pouring money into Haiti for years. Do you think it will get better there? Will there ever be a point where Haiti no longer needs assistance? Is Haiti a nation that needs help and will continue to for the rest of it’s existence?

Is there even hope for Haiti?

In my opinion, Haiti is definitely worth saving. Firstly, it is of moral obligation for the rich to help the poor. Clearly, people should not be trapped under rubble. It is simply wrong. Thus, saving Haiti would be the humane thing to do right now. Secondly, it is of economic reasons that we ought to lend a helping hand to the people in Haiti. After helping Haiti to become an affluent country, she can then be able to engage in more trades with Singapore. As a result, both parties can stand to gain from it. In addition, we ought to provide Haiti with moral support. We have to let her know that she is not alone.
Moreover, if we were to look on helplessly, terrorists might take advantage of the chaotic situation there and thus threaten the security of nearby countries.

The problems that both you and I face are not likely to be about life or death anytime soon. Yet, the people suffering in Haiti are struggling to stay afloat, and aid doesn’t seem to be getting there fast enough. We should do more than just provide aid and money.
Now that I’ve said my point, what about you?

Signing off, Windypore ;D


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