Casino-helping Singapore,or destroying?

I am sure many of you have come across this advertisement many times on the television. This advertisement is to advise people not to get addicted to gambling and to know their limits. The reason that this advertisement is appearing so often is probably because the casino has just opened in Sentosa, attracting a massive crowd. The opening of the casino might cause more people to be gambling addicts and go bankrupt. Hence, the Casino has placed some preventive measures to prevent that problem:

-family members are allowed to apply for a casino ban for their family member if the family member is deemed a problem gambler.

-citizens are allowed to get themselves a casino ban if they think that they are a deemed problem gambler, or for self-control over gambling.

-the government can also ban people with low-income or are declared bankrupt entry into the casino.

The reason for these casino bans is to prevent the casino from causing the problem of  causing more gambling addicts and families being bankrupt because of gambling. However, does all these casino bans have what it takes to help solve the problem or even improve the situation? In my opinion, having these bans is not enough. What it takes to solve the problem of gambling addicts and bankruptcy due to gambling  is all of the Singaporean citizen’s effort.

You must agree, that these application of bans are useless if no one applies for them. Hence, Singaporeans who are deemed as problem gamblers must exercise self-control and prevent themselves from getting addicted. Until now, it is very subjective whether or not the casino is helping the country or destroying it. What i am sure is that the answer to this question lies in the citizens hands. If Singapore citizens are willing to put in the effort and know their limits in gambling, hence helping to improve the situation with gambling addicts and bankruptcy, it is then clear that the casino is a great help to the country in terms of towards the problem as well as towards the tourism industry. However if the citizens do not cooperate, then the casino would be seen as the root of many families suffering from bankruptcy and gambling addiction, causing a more serious problem in Singapore.



One response to “Casino-helping Singapore,or destroying?

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