I call it Chocolate, love.

Good night to all readers (:
I believe that some of you have not heard about the issue regarding Cadbury and Ghana, so here I am, supplementing you with some basic  information you need.

Background Info:

“In January 2008, the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership was established in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, local governments, farmers and communities. 
This ground-breaking partnership aims to secure the economic, social and environmental sustainability of around a million cocoa farmers and their communities in Ghana, India, Indonesia and the Caribbean. 
Over ten years £45 million GBP will be invested through the partnership to improve farmer incomes, develop communities and build partnerships.
In January 2009 Cadbury announced that the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership was now active across 100 Ghanaian communities, marking the 100th anniversary of cocoa trading with Ghana.”

In my opinion, I think that this is a win-win situation for both Cadbury and farmers.

First of all, this is very fair play for the farmers in Ghana for they were paid accordingly to the work and effort that they have put in. Secondly, this will help Cadbury to build up a good reputation for they can make profits and not exploit others (the cocoa farmers) at the same time. As quoted from the September 21, 2009 edition of the TIMES Magazine, we are seeing the rise of the citizen consumer – and the beginnings of a responsibility revolution. That is, citizens are now engaging in the consumption of goods and services that are produced by corporations that are engaged in ethical means of production.

Indeed, Cadbury has proven that business and corporate social responsibility are not mutually exclusive.

Tell me, would you rather patronise a company that exploits child labour, or would you rather support a company that has commendable social or political values?
I would very much prefer the latter. (:

This was flimed in Ghana.

See you soon, Windypore 😀


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