Project Love Covers

Just today I was wondering what should I post about for my update. And like an instantly answered prayer, I caught this poster from the corner of my eye!  😀

It was a poster outside this store called Babyware, a shop that sells baby products. This poster literally caught my eye because of the pictures on the posters, and not to mention the poster is kinda huge too. Haha.

So Basically, Babyware is helping out at this Project Love Covers, which is a project that helps homeless children in the world. They are offering a dollar discount on their apparels for new or used baby clothings that are worn by newborns to 5 year-olds. As the poster says, and which I fully agree to,

Why are we doing this? Because we believe, every child deserves something good.

I think what Babyware is doing is very admirable. They are willing to give discounts to thier customers, in exchange for a chance to do their part for charity and to help the homeless children and babies out there in the world. While reading the poster, my heart broke when I read that there are so many cases of povety in the world. The children are all innocent, they don’t have any idea what is going on, and yet they have to suffer in povety, worrying if they will get to eat today, or listen to their stomachs growl away in the night while trying to sleep. Meanwhile being us, we have a sturdy roof over our heads, food provided everywhere, money when we need it and even luxuries like handphones and mp3 players. We have all that and so much more, yet all we do is complain about things we cannot get.

Does THAT sound familiar?

It is time. Time for us teenagers, and even adults to reflect on our behaviour and our attitude towards our lives. We have things that other kids in the world can only dream of having at our fingertips. Yet ask yourselves, do you really treasure what you have? Or do you just take it for granted and just want more, more and more? Do we really need all those things that we want, or should we sing praises to the heavens, because although we might not have all we want, we already have all that matters.

I sincerely hope that more people will get to know about this Project Love Covers, increase their awareness of the homeless and poor kids in the world and do something to contribute to help them. Even if people do not want to help, I simply wish that they will start reflecting on their lives and treasure each and every single happiness that they might overlook. I also hope that other organisations will learn from Babyware and help in this Project as much as they can. (:

Let us all cherish what we have, not take them for granted and do our part for charity! 😀

Toodles, Snowypore!

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