Quickbites: Beach Cleaning = meaningful?

The young do-gooders who profit from their ethics

– I recommend reading this article before you take a look at what I think of it.

Well, wow. I’m pleasantly surprised to find out that there’s youths in Singapore who devote their time to social entrepreneurship. It gives me a nice warm feeling to know that there are youths of Singapore out there who are spending constructive time to contribute to the society.

Back to the article:

He’s designed a social innovation program for schools where students use design thinking to build more effective solutions to problems, as “opposed to merely going down to the beach to clean it up,” said Koh to CNNGo.

This line from the article makes me question myself, are our schools CIP (Community Involvement Programme) really useful then? We must understand the reasons why our schools want us to go do such activities such as cleaning the beach first. Ultimately, do we know the purpose of doing CIP? Perhaps you will get it too, once you read this article and reflect on it. I know that students absolutely hate doing such activities – whenever there is a beach cleaning activity, there are those who definitely complain and are absolutely unwilling to do it. Perhaps we should compare ourselves with these young social entrepreneurs. By asking us to do so, I’m not trying to bash everyone by saying that we are no-good, but what I’m trying to compare here is our attitude and mindset towards social entrepreneurship. I’m not asking that everyone should go and do the same as what they do, but I hope youths of Singapore can develop a healthy mindset and attitude towards social entrepreneurship and have more active participation.

Well, this is but only one small line in the long article. Why not click the link and find out more for yourself?

To end off, take a look at Shaun Koh’s informal interview (he’s the founder of Syinc)

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Till then (:


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