CIP; It’s the thought that counts. Not the hours.

This post will do without a salutation so going straight to the point, dear readers out there I am going to expatiate on Kelly’s aka Stormypore’s post pertaining to the same article: CLICK TO SEE THE ARTICLE

Firstly, I would like to ask a few questions: Have you been involved in Community Involvement Programme (CIP) actively and more importantly, not how many hours you have earned but did the hours you earned come from the bottom of your heart and soul?

In CIP, you do simple deeds like going to an old folks home to read stories to the elderly. But, if not for the three alphabets C, I, P, would you have gone and sat next to the petite elderly lady, with a face that longs for care and concern, just to read her stories? Ask your conscience. 

CIP is not a programme that conveniently allow you to adorn your portfolio for the sake of your future, but its objective is to trigger your feelings and evoke emotions so that you do not grow up into inert human beings.

Curiously, why is it that teenagers nowadays do not have the correct mindset and attitude towards CIP? I find it interesting and will explore into the possibilities. It could be because this current epoch we live in shapes our mentality to one that always display the common teenage symptoms of self-centred and nonchalance. We do not bother about others because we only think about Me, Myself, and I. We do not see the need of CIP maybe because we have an indifferent attitude towards others. We are born in an era where we live comfortably and are not forced to view the seemingly pretty world in a different light; one that is cold, ugly and a place where people suffer but yet time do not wait for them.

Another reason why we tend to take CIP lightly and of no significance can be due to the rule whereby CIP is made compulsory and through the reluctant participation of students, they learn and value things in life. Sadly, this perfect ideology is a total misconception as it alarmingly becomes a ricochet whereby it backfires. Yes, sure students do participate in CIP but it is all involuntary and they feel obliged to do so and that is where the gist of learning is lost, like ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

The article speaks harshly but it definitely hits the bullseye:

“Youth is wasted on the young. They’re usually feckless, sometimes clueless, and fond of spewing cliché life statements and fighting words to show that they’re fiercely independent and want to change the world before dinner time. But more often than not, it’s NATO. No Action, Talk Only “

My post is written not to criticize on Youths in Singapore (including myself) in this modern time but to bring awareness to everyone that we should reflect on our mindset and mentality towards CIP. We do not help to benefit ourselves (earn hours) but help because we want to help.

You can sew all kinds of beautifully woven lines  into a neatly thought mitten of reflections, but at the end of the day it’s the sincerity and correct mindset that sews itself into a mitten that provides and spreads warmth .

A fellow who does things that count, doesn’t usually stop to count them.  ~Variation of a saying by Albert Einstein

Do you not agree with this quote? (:

Mistypore 😀


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