A worthwhile discussion in a CHAMPS lesson.

Last week, we had our CHAMPS lesson in class, discussing on topics that involved social entrepreneurship.

So, if you were asked to help solve water shortage, or perhaps the malnutrition of african kids, or even child slavery, what would you think of doing to help? What can you do for them in your maximum capacity and ability?

The class was split into small groups to engage in mini discussions.

Then, everyone presented ideas to help out the various designated situations. I took down some suggestions by my classmates, so I shall name some out here:

  • Raise charity funds (through flag days, conducting sales, etc)
  • Overseas CIP programmes
  • Collecting donations (food, water purification tablets etc)
  • Sponsoring necessities for children
  • Post trauma relief

Overall, we had an engaging and thought provoking discussion session in class. However, many questions aroused within me after the lesson. We spent around an hour and forty minutes talking about this, but so what? Does anything really productive come out from this? Ultimately, it was just all fancy talk?

Then it hit me – I realized that it’s easy to think of elaborate plans to help, but what’s the most important factor is to take initiative and do the first step.

I know we as students do not have enough ability to do much to help, but what matters is that we have the intention to do it. It can be something small, like throwing some coins into the charity boxes or flag day cans that you come across. Or maybe joining more CIPs in your free time. To me, I think social entrepreneurship doesn’t matter if its large scale or small scale, what really counts is your effort put in. Anyone can be considered a social entrepreneur.

With this, I end off here with an appeal for everyone to visit www.freerice.org. It was a recommended site by our teacher which donates 10 grains of rice every time you answer correctly a vocabulary question. Why not spend 1 minute less on facebook game applications and play this instead? You’ll definitely feel good to know that you are helping in providing rice for children through the World Food Programme. http://stopchildslavery.com/ is also a website worth a visit.

Till we meet, Stormypore (:


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