When i was reading the papers on Sunday, I came across an article entitled “Business with a Cause”. This article talks about how different companies are extending their hand to help those who are unfortunate in our society.

Laksania, a laksa stall in Geylang, was opened by the chief executive of Secret Recipe,Ms Sim Sin Sin early this year. The laksa stall was opened not to earn more money but to help use the stall to help the unfortunate by creating employment for the mentally disabled. The mentally disabled are hired to prepare the essential laksa ingredients in a central kitchen located at the Institute of Mental Health Hospital.

Senior vice-president of ST telemedia Mr Roland Tay decided to open a small cafe called Professor Brawn Cafe at Novena square last October to give the Autistic children to give them a shot at the working world, by hiring autistic teenagers as kitchen and wait staff.

Benjamin Chan,Director of Yong En enterprises organize heritage tours which include visits to needy elderly folk to help entertain the old folks and to prevent them from being lonely, helping them cheer up.

Mrs Josephine Ng and her husband decided to open a tailor shop called Alteration initiative which hires single mums as seamstresses to help them to be able to earn more income so as to be able to bring up the children more easily. moreover, sewing and mending skills are easy to pick up, allowing the single mothers do their job without any difficulty.

Seeing all these efforts made to allow unfortunate people to live a better lives really touches my heart. These efforts certainly helps the less fortunate to gain valuable experience which will certainly help improve their lives in the future, as they are able to learn skills which are needed for their survival. These efforts have helped many people who have low self esteem to be able to lift their heads with new found dignity in the society. While reading this article, i cant help but think of people who are much more fortunate but yet unwilling to give and share. This article has reminded me of how i should share and extend my hand to help the less fortunate in the society find their rightful place. i  am certain that if more people are willing to lend a hand to these unfortunate people, the world will become a better place for all of us.



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