Hi hi hi!

Today, i’ll just give a brief update about the latest news regarding the Chile earthquake…

It’s kinda like the Haiti earthquake, but it’s the earthquake in Chile was far stronger than the one that struck Haiti last month.
Well well, the death toll finally passes 700 and I have a hunch that the number will continue to increase. 😦

“The army have been brought in help the police against looters and would take control of Concepción, the country’s second largest city. The Government would start to distribute food and water today.

As the first reports emerged from coastal towns, it became clear that they had suffered the heaviest damage after Saturday’s 8.8-magnitude earthquake, because they were also struck by the tsunami that followed.

Tens of thousands of Chileans will spend another night in tents and makeshift shelters, fearing aftershocks would destroy more buildings.”

After hearing about the earthquake in Chile, my heart completely crashed. I mean, why? Why 2 earthquakes in just 2 months?

However, it is indeed heartwarming to see people from various races, country and religion to come together once again, to help the people in Chile. Through these 2 major earthquakes, I believe that the world has certainly become closer to each other than before. Don’t you think so too?

Meanwhile, the people in Chile are busy stocking up on their food supplies, so as to be prepared for more aftermath.

Donations, anyone?
Habitat for Humanity has a continual presence in Chile, where they’ve helped construct over 1,300 homes. They will be essential in reconstruction efforts, especially in hard-hit rural areas. Donate to Habitat For Humanity or text CHILE to 25383 to donate $10.


Offers of aid poured in from the international community. Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, is to visit today as part of a scheduled regional tour. Britain, one of Chile’s biggest trade partners, said that it was ready to help. Gordon Brown said: “We will do whatever we can.”

I certainly hope you do too.

Cya sometime soon, Windypore (:


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