Turn Off Those Lights!

How many of you, have seen THIS?

Yepps. It is the famous Earth Hour that everyone is talking about! Haha. For people who do not know, it is the 60 minutes, one whole hour, where everyone is advised to conserve energy and electricity by turning off all their lights. Many countries that were involved with this Earth Hour played their part and switched off the lights in the city for that one hour. Let me show you a video! 😀

Isn’t it just cool? Look at the effiel tower with no lights, the egypt pyramids engulfed with darkness. Aren’t so attractive after all isn’t it? Hahaha. This video touched my heart. It is like a message telling me that people on Earth still care! 😀 Just like what the little boy said, “I vote because I care.” Isn’t that just heartwarming? (:

Earth Hour has shown that the issue of climate change is not about what country you’re from. It’s about what planet you’re from.

That’s right! We’re all from Planet Earth, and so we have to do our part in dealing with climate change. So what are you waiting for? See the picture below? -points downward- Let us all vote for Earth and join in this Earth Hour on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 @ 8.30pm. Let’s switch off some lights! ;D

See the logo at the top left hand corner of the picture? That is the organisation behind this magnificient idea of Earth Hour. It is called WWF, not World Wrestling Federation, but World Wildlife Fund. It is an organisation whose mission is to stop the degradation of our planet’s natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

It is because of organisations like this, that our awareness about the environment around us that is degrading will be raised. Through WWF, many people came to realise the dangers that we are facing due to the environment that is getting from bad to worse. Many people became WWF members and joined in activities like the Earth Hour to increase others’ awareness as well. WWF members also donate money monthly to the organisation. These money will be used to help our environment and even animals that are facing extinction. For these worthy cause, I believe that WWF deserves a big hand! -Applauses- Don’t you? (:

If you think it is time that you step out of your comfort zone and help our environment and nature, you can donate money at http://www.worldwildlife.org

Alternatively, you can just follow what’s written there! -Points upward-  😀

Do your part for Mother Nature. You know you want to. ;D

Signing off with Love, Snowyporeeee. (:


One response to “Turn Off Those Lights!

  1. haha grace i read this post straight know you’re the author liao lol!

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