A good way to spend your Sunday, perhaps.

It’s weekends, the leisure days of the week! (Yes, sorry for reporting a slightly old event.)

Apparently, Start-Up!@Singapore had organized a first-ever 24 hour Business Plan Challenge last month at the National University of Singapore Business School. Participating teams had to create from scratch, a business plan for either of three industries -the silver industry, the social entrepreneurship industry and the interactive digital media industry.

Of course, I’m more interested in talking about the social entrepreneurship industry. This was what I found on an online article. (Full article here)


In India’s Tamil Nadu, 80-percent of rural farmers live below the poverty line of USD1 a day. This poverty stems from a systematic inability to grow income sources due to land degradation. Specifically in the districts of Tiruchirapalli and Karur, only 25-percent of land is arable.

The winner for the social entrepreneurship category, team Smiles proposed a business model called MicroMacro that is an organic agriculture micro-investment social enterprise focused on empowering farmers in Tamil Nadu to increase plot utilization and alleviate poverty. Founders Ivan Chang and Keith Tan are barely in their 20s – Ivan is pursuing a degree in Business Administration from Singapore Management University (SMU) and awaiting for his CPA qualification, while Keith is headed toward NUS for an undergraduate study in Architecture.

Many people spent 24 hours on that day and came up with many other great business plans under social entrepreneurship too. In just 24 hours, you might actually come up with a great social entrepreneurship plan with your friends! Can anyone sense the possibilities of young social entrepreneurs here?

Instead of spending your weekend enjoying a movie or going out to play, why not find some of your friends and come together to think of social entrepreneurship? Yes, it may sound boring and impossible, and you might think that any ideas come up with will just sound silly – but that’s not true. Everything starts from scratch! For one, there are successful examples of youths doing social entrepreneurship in Singapore, like the SoulE.

Perhaps this presents us a thinking space on how constructively we are spending our free time.

If you readers out there are any interested in social entrepreneurship in Singapore, you may like to visit Startup@Singapore to keep yourself updated on social entrepreneurs. There’s a competition going on, so you can go and check out some rising social entrepreneurship groups.

24 hours may seem short – but within that amount of time, someone can actually think of a plan to help others in their community.

Till then, Stormypore again.


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