Singaporeans and Stars turn Charity Night into a success

For those who didn’t catch the Thong Chai Charity Night last sunday, here’s what had happened. (What! Another Charity Show so soon this year? – Don’t get confused, this is the charity fundraising for the Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institute. By the way, this is their first ever television charity show.)

Big international superstars and local Mediacorp artistes came together to pour in all their efforts to reach out to Singaporeans and pull in donations.

This was what I read from Channel

During the press conference on Monday, Lim Guan Lee, chairman of Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institute, outlined the objectives of their first ever televised fund-raising programme.

“At present, we provide free consultation service and free Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to 600 patients daily. To cater for the increasing number of patients and to continue to provide free and comprehensive TCM medical care to our patients, our clinic has to be expanded, medical facilities and equipment need to be replaced and upgraded and the medical fund needs to increase.

“This year, STCMI needs an operations budget of S$6 million and the fundraising target for the coming ‘Thong Chai Charity Night’ is S$3.5 million.”

And guess what?

Thong Chai Charity Night raised S$7.23m.

I, for one, also asked my family to pick up the phone and called their donation hotline to donate.

Seeing that the amount of funds raised was DOUBLE of their initial goal, I was quite taken aback by surprise. At the same time, I felt really happy to know that so many Singaporeans willingly donated for the charity show, turning the Thong Chai Charity Night into a huge success. This goes to show the kindness within Singaporeans who contributed as much money as they could, and the artistes who put in physical effort. I’m really touched by the positive outcome of this Charity Night.

So here, I would like to appeal to those who haven’t donated to dial the hotlines too, as the telepoll hotlines for donations are still open. (:

It doesn’t matter how little or how much you will donate to help Thong Chai Medical Institute. What matters, for everyone should well know, is the charitable heart that is willing to donate.

1900-112-1122 – S$5
1900-112-1133 – S$15
1900-112-1188 – S$35
67360366 – Above S$35

The hotlines close on 31st March midnight.



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