Thong Chai Charity Night- Response to Stormypore

As Stormypore has posted earlier on, the Thong Chai charity show has indeed managed to receive double the amount of money which they targeted. Many might say that this amount of donation can really show that many Singaporeans are kind people and are willing to help the needy and hence, it is because of these Singaporeans who made the huge amount of donation received possible. I do agree that these Singaporeans who donated played a huge part in helping Thong Chai medical centre  receive these donations. However, we must not forget the various artistes who helped make the performance possible. Mediacorp and international artistes such as Ann Kok, Aileen Tan, Paige Chua, Zhang Haijie, Kym Ng, Kola Zhou, Kenix Kwok, Sheren Tang, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Ada Choi, Eunice Ng, Xie Shaoguang also appeared on the show to give their support. Artistes who performed during the charity show also had to put in much time and effort before hand to prepare their performance to make the show a successful one. Even international artiste Jackie Chan came from overseas to give his support. I believe these artistes really deserve a round of applause, don’t they? 🙂

However, when I was browsing through the Thong Chai charity night forum on the Mediacorp website, I came across some disturbing comments:

Anw, I totally don’t understand how come some of the “patients” are so shameless/thick skinned to come out openly to ask for donations.

Thong Chai is a voluntary organisation providing free healthcare isn’t it? It’s meant to provide free treatment for the POOR!

But how come some of those who came out at the studio (Mark Lee’s wife, the woman with 2 children, the aunty who wore TONS of jewels) looked relatively well-off!!  A few even looked like educated individuals.

All I wanna say is, if they have money, go to a hospital! Don’t go and crap by saying only Thong Chai can provide the medical care they require, when in actual fact they just want free treatment. They shouldn’t go to Thong Chai and deplete their resources until they have to come out & ask for donations?!

Really selfish & 莫名其妙! No


After reading this comment, I really think that this person should not criticize these patients just by looking at what they wear. As Thong Chai charity night is an event which many people participated in and with such a huge audience, these patients also have to dress up appropriately. Well, you can’t expect them to wear clothes with holes to such a big event, can you? Moreover, these patients are also humans which means that they also would want to have a good image in front of so many people and artistes. Some people might not have thought about this, but maybe having a good image will help the patients to have more confidence when they appear on stage. Moreover, some of the accessories or clothes could have been given by other helpful people. I really hope that comments like these will not affect Singaporean’s thinking of the patients continue to give the patients their needed support. 🙂



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