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Recognizing social entrepreneurs as today’s heroes.

Today, I feel that we should recognize social entrepreneurs as heroes.

Yes, I’ve said heroes. One may argue that they are just entrepreneurs, and that their contribution to social changes have not created a huge enough impact for them to be considered and called heroes. What I feel matters is not the greatness to the amount of contribution to the society, but that these social entrepreneurs have tried their best to achieve significant changes that impact others’ lives. Social entrepreneurs sacrifice their time, pour in their sweat and tears, channel in the maximum capacity of their energy, just to achieve a goal – to bring forth a solution to a social problem. They devote themselves to help change the lives of others for the better. Hence, I feel that, placing all the different definitions for a social entrepreneur aside, the most important thing required for a social entrepreneur is love.

Since they impact and change the lives of others, why are many of these social entrepreneurs not recognized for their good deeds as heroes, but instead often harshly criticized? If it weren’t for them who bravely took the first step out to take upon the challenge to benefit others’ lives, you would realize that there would be more social problems within out society arising.

Here’s a video which is part of a broadcast series, “The New Heroes”. Perhaps this will let us feel and understand why we can and should recognize the efforts of the world’s social entrepreneurs as heroes of today.

Mozambique: Guitar Hero

till then, Stormypore (:


Tipping the world with joint hands.

There is strength in unity.

You can change the world, not alone but together as one.

Gil Scott-Heron, a poet and musician once said,

Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something

This is what i believe after watching the world go round for 15 years and 4 months:

The world should have more social entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurship works on the basis of a win-win situation. Not only does social entrepreneurship gives you an opportunity to boost business, it enables you to change the world by shining light in midst of darkness.

My rational reasons are very simple. Without social entrepreneurship, the world would not be what it is today. Social entrepreneurship let you manually plan and carry out the plan in order to bring about changes. It allows you to contribute effectively to the world and most importantly make a difference.

Social entrepreneurs are able to adapt idea and set goals to achieve a huge win for everyone. They can give and contribute to the world. They do not build sandcastles in the air but work with realistic minds so much so dream changes can become tangible and real. Social entrepreneurs collaborate together so that they can attain a possible dream, that is, the ability to bring happiness to the world.

This video is an evidence of how Social Entrepreneurship has made a difference:

Social Entrepreneurship can be inculcated when young- we can nurture the spirit of social entrepreneurships and passion to change the community. It is undeniable that social entrepreneurs are even more powerful when they collaborate.  Social Entrepreneurs are essential in this world as when more entrepreneurs come together, they are able to use their gift of being able to give at the highest level effectively. Therefore, we should encourage more people to try being entrepreneurs as the world needs them.

ta, Mistypore.


Do intentions matter? Yes. In court they are the determinants as to whether the crime committed is a first or second-degree murder. No. If you do not do your homework even if you swear you meant to, your teacher will still send you out of class.

In social entrepreneurship, is it of importance if the entrepreneur had set out to do good for the society with monetary gain at the bottom of its totem pole, or if he had meant to exploit the needs of the people knowing it could cash in?

Social Entrepreneurship should be made a Must.

In my opinion, contributing to Social Entrepreneurship is a Virtue.
And why do I say that? Simply because Social Entrepreneurship raises the awareness of the social issues the world is dealing with now. It reveals the ugly side of the world and forces people to come to terms with it, to acknowledge that the world is not as beautiful as we think it is and that there ARE people out there, desperate for our help.

And alike all other Virtues, it should be taught to the Everyone! Everyone should possess this great moral excellence of contributing to Social Entrepreneurship and help in making the world a better place. We place Patience, Kindness, Perseverance and many other moral values in the “Virtue group”. Now let’s look at it this way, involving in Social Entrepreneurship allows you to demonstrate Love and Kindness towards the needy people. It tests your patience and perseverance as you meet the many obstacles and problems on the way to contributing for Social Entrepreneurship too. So doesn’t Social Entrepreneurship earn its place in the “Virtue group”? (:

When the world gets educated about Social Entrepreneurship, more people will come forward to extend a helping hand towards the needy, and this will increase the chances of helping the needy out of the darkness of their lives. Imagine you’re in a big black deep pit and suddenly, the opening of the pit is revealed and a hand extends into the pit from the stunning white light outside, helping you out of the pit. How would you feel?
“Awesome” is barely enough to describe the fantastic and relieved feeling. In this case, you are the needy people, the extended hand is people who participate in Social Entrepreneurship and the big black deep pit is the world of the needy people.

You can be the one to extend that hand. You can be the one who rescues the needy people out of their pits. You can be the one who introduce light into their lives again. You, along with many other people.

If one hand can already make such a big impact, can you imagine how much the world will be affected if Social Entrepreneurship is spread to the whole world of people, recruiting more hands to help more needy people out of their pits? Can you imagine what an army of volunteers can do to the social issues in the world? They can be as close as to SOLVING it! 😀

The best way to instill moral values into people is when they are young. So I think, we should start educating the children and students of different countries about Social Entrepreneurship and the effects it has on the world. When children and students are educated about Social Entrepreneurship and learn how they can contribute to this fantastic cause, they will be able to bring what they learnt with them along their adulthood, and with more choices and abilities as an adult, they will definitely be able to change the world and maybe even solve the social issues we’re facing. (: C’mon, I know you’re agreeing with me. ^^

Let me end this (REALLY INSIGHTFUL) post with one of my favourite songs. 😀

Heal The World, Make It A Better Place. For You And For Me, and The Entire Human Race. There Are People Dying, if You Care Enough for The Living. Make A Better Place, For You And For Me. (:

Always Yours, Snowypore! ♥

Can social entrepreneurs create a large-scale change?

From my point of view, I’ll answer this question with a yes. Of course social entrepreneurs can create a large scale change. There are several good examples throughout history that prove to us the potential of a social entrepreneur and the extent to the effects and changes they can bring about.

We all can’t deny the fact that Florence Nightingale was one of the first social entrepreneurs, and that she was the one who is considered as the founder of modern nursing. Nightingale’s theories were hugely influential and her concerns for sanitation, military health and hospital planning established practices which are still in existence today.

Skeptics of social entrepreneurship often comment, “Sure, social entrepreneurs are doing good things, but can they ever scale their impact sufficiently to put a dent in the enormous and persistent problems we face?”

– taken from an article in What Matters

Of course, I’m not arguing against some criticisms on social entrepreneurship that hold some stand. Like, the opinion that NOT all social entrepreneurs can create a large change. Its not easy at all to change the enormous and persistent social problems we face today in this world. Its not easy to raise and achieve an impact that is wide enough and lasts long enough. Its not easy to be a TRUE social entrepreneur. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. My view is that large scale effects from social entrepreneurship cannot be achieved only and solely by the efforts of a true entrepreneur, but it also requires effort put in by members of the society itself. Social entrepreneurs are not Gods, they do not have unlimited power and abilities to achieve large scale changes. I think that their role is to be the one leading in the effort to bring about change for social issues. Everyone is involved. We need to understand this, and try to look at their changes with a positive light instead of criticizing them for not scaling a large enough impact or anything.

Stormypore opens this question for some friendly debate and opinions (:

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Hey all!
Some of you might be wondering…


Well, fear not! For I’m here to break down these two not really bombastic words for you 😀
According to the dictionary, Social entrepreneurship is the work of a social entrepreneur. (the definition’s kinda LOL-ish don’t you think?)

And what on earth is a social entrepreneur?
A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change.


 In my opinion, Social Entrepreneurship is like a life saviour. Why do I say so?
Well, to put it simply, because it changes the lives of the society for the better. It forges a new, stable equilibrium that alleviates the suffering of the targeted group, and through imitation and the creation of a stable ecosystem around the new equilibrium, it ensures a better future for the targeted group and even society at large. Take the Haiti earthquake  for example. (please don’t go: aww, not again!) So many people, of different ages, from different countries, come together to help the Haiti victims. And that, to me, is considered as a blessing because not only does this bonds the people, it also aids the victims of the Haiti earthquake as well. Therefore, Social entrepreneurship is exactly like a life saviour.

So, after reading this post, tell me about what you think Social Entrepreneurship really is. (:

Hahaha, Windyporeeeeeeeeeeee signing off!


Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship is not possible without a good social entrepreneur. For the social entrepreneurship to be a success, the social entrepreneur must possess certain skills which are essential.

Firstly, Social entrepreneurs must have a wide network. Social entrepreneurship is a type of “business” which is non profitable. Hence, compare to the normal businesses that earn a profit, social entrepreneurship is much harder as there is no profit to gain resources. This is one of the main problems which many social entrepreneurs face. This is also exactly why a good social entrepreneur must have a wide network so as to be able to have contacts to help sponsor or look for anybody which can provide the sufficient resources needed for the project to work.

Secondly, social entrepreneurs must have the mentality of impacting the world and not just a tiny part of the world. The main motive of social entrepreneurship is to help solve major social problems. Even if the social problem is solved in a small village or city, the problem is still not considered entirely solved as the rest of the world are still facing the problem. To be a good social entrepreneur, one must have the goal of solving the problem in the whole world and not just aim to solve the problem in a small part of the country.

Some examples of good entrepreneurs are:

Jane Addams founded Hull-House in 1889, a social settlement to improve conditions in a poor immigrant neighborhood in Chicago, then expanded her efforts nationally. Her work ultimately resulted in protective legislation for women and children.

Muhammad Yunus revolutionized economics by founding the Grameen Bank, or “village bank,” in Bangladesh in 1976 to offer “microloans” to help impoverished people attain economic self-sufficiency through self-employment, a model that has been replicated in 58 countries around the world.

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