Pause to help the forgotten

We can’t deny that we have developed a goldfish memory. The Hati earthquake has long been forgotten as we move on with our fast-pace, busy lives and we continue walking forward without looking back, so much so we walk past people and become oblivious of them when they are in need of help. Sometimes, we do need to pause and look back; not everyone wants to be forgotten or left behind.

Yes, I have a goldfish memory I do admit. I have forgotten all about this Haiti chaos that rocked the world upside down. I was watching television when this video was broadcasted and it touched me. The heartwarming feeling filled my heart all over again. Yes, it is Haiti, once again.

I am so glad this video (which I knew 2 months ago) was broadcasted again today. If it hadn’t been, I would not have remembered about Haiti victims. Most people associate media with negative jargons, but I guess sometimes, everyone has a good side. Media has painted itself in a positive light as it helps to encourage people to come forward and help in the Haiti Earthquake. Celebrities, together with countless of strangers, are singing their hearts out “We are the World”. And you will realise it is not just people of different races coming together as one but rather, people of different generations. For example, Celine Dion singing with Fergie. In this video, I cannot differentiate who are celebrities and who is  more popular. Everyone, practically every single one, is shining like stars. People bond unconsciously when crisis occurs and we become one.

You may condemn the Media for hypocrisy.

You may question the intentions of celebrities appearing in this video.

You may doubt the sincerity of those celebrities singing.

But one thing is for sure: They are helping out in Haiti Earthquake.

so, what about you?

Instead of sitting at home, analysing the media or celebrities with a cynical mind, why not get out there and make a difference? To all those guilty of having goldfish memories, do know one thing: you can still do something to help the quickly disregarded Haiti victims.

Ta, Mistypore


One response to “Pause to help the forgotten

  1. HMM. I wonder who reminded you of this songggg. Hahahaha. X}

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