Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship is not possible without a good social entrepreneur. For the social entrepreneurship to be a success, the social entrepreneur must possess certain skills which are essential.

Firstly, Social entrepreneurs must have a wide network. Social entrepreneurship is a type of “business” which is non profitable. Hence, compare to the normal businesses that earn a profit, social entrepreneurship is much harder as there is no profit to gain resources. This is one of the main problems which many social entrepreneurs face. This is also exactly why a good social entrepreneur must have a wide network so as to be able to have contacts to help sponsor or look for anybody which can provide the sufficient resources needed for the project to work.

Secondly, social entrepreneurs must have the mentality of impacting the world and not just a tiny part of the world. The main motive of social entrepreneurship is to help solve major social problems. Even if the social problem is solved in a small village or city, the problem is still not considered entirely solved as the rest of the world are still facing the problem. To be a good social entrepreneur, one must have the goal of solving the problem in the whole world and not just aim to solve the problem in a small part of the country.

Some examples of good entrepreneurs are:

Jane Addams founded Hull-House in 1889, a social settlement to improve conditions in a poor immigrant neighborhood in Chicago, then expanded her efforts nationally. Her work ultimately resulted in protective legislation for women and children.

Muhammad Yunus revolutionized economics by founding the Grameen Bank, or “village bank,” in Bangladesh in 1976 to offer “microloans” to help impoverished people attain economic self-sufficiency through self-employment, a model that has been replicated in 58 countries around the world.

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