Can social entrepreneurs create a large-scale change?

From my point of view, I’ll answer this question with a yes. Of course social entrepreneurs can create a large scale change. There are several good examples throughout history that prove to us the potential of a social entrepreneur and the extent to the effects and changes they can bring about.

We all can’t deny the fact that Florence Nightingale was one of the first social entrepreneurs, and that she was the one who is considered as the founder of modern nursing. Nightingale’s theories were hugely influential and her concerns for sanitation, military health and hospital planning established practices which are still in existence today.

Skeptics of social entrepreneurship often comment, “Sure, social entrepreneurs are doing good things, but can they ever scale their impact sufficiently to put a dent in the enormous and persistent problems we face?”

– taken from an article in What Matters

Of course, I’m not arguing against some criticisms on social entrepreneurship that hold some stand. Like, the opinion that NOT all social entrepreneurs can create a large change. Its not easy at all to change the enormous and persistent social problems we face today in this world. Its not easy to raise and achieve an impact that is wide enough and lasts long enough. Its not easy to be a TRUE social entrepreneur. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. My view is that large scale effects from social entrepreneurship cannot be achieved only and solely by the efforts of a true entrepreneur, but it also requires effort put in by members of the society itself. Social entrepreneurs are not Gods, they do not have unlimited power and abilities to achieve large scale changes. I think that their role is to be the one leading in the effort to bring about change for social issues. Everyone is involved. We need to understand this, and try to look at their changes with a positive light instead of criticizing them for not scaling a large enough impact or anything.

Stormypore opens this question for some friendly debate and opinions (:


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