What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Hey all!
Some of you might be wondering…


Well, fear not! For I’m here to break down these two not really bombastic words for you 😀
According to the dictionary, Social entrepreneurship is the work of a social entrepreneur. (the definition’s kinda LOL-ish don’t you think?)

And what on earth is a social entrepreneur?
A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change.


 In my opinion, Social Entrepreneurship is like a life saviour. Why do I say so?
Well, to put it simply, because it changes the lives of the society for the better. It forges a new, stable equilibrium that alleviates the suffering of the targeted group, and through imitation and the creation of a stable ecosystem around the new equilibrium, it ensures a better future for the targeted group and even society at large. Take the Haiti earthquake  for example. (please don’t go: aww, not again!) So many people, of different ages, from different countries, come together to help the Haiti victims. And that, to me, is considered as a blessing because not only does this bonds the people, it also aids the victims of the Haiti earthquake as well. Therefore, Social entrepreneurship is exactly like a life saviour.

So, after reading this post, tell me about what you think Social Entrepreneurship really is. (:

Hahaha, Windyporeeeeeeeeeeee signing off!



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