Recognizing social entrepreneurs as today’s heroes.

Today, I feel that we should recognize social entrepreneurs as heroes.

Yes, I’ve said heroes. One may argue that they are just entrepreneurs, and that their contribution to social changes have not created a huge enough impact for them to be considered and called heroes. What I feel matters is not the greatness to the amount of contribution to the society, but that these social entrepreneurs have tried their best to achieve significant changes that impact others’ lives. Social entrepreneurs sacrifice their time, pour in their sweat and tears, channel in the maximum capacity of their energy, just to achieve a goal – to bring forth a solution to a social problem. They devote themselves to help change the lives of others for the better. Hence, I feel that, placing all the different definitions for a social entrepreneur aside, the most important thing required for a social entrepreneur is love.

Since they impact and change the lives of others, why are many of these social entrepreneurs not recognized for their good deeds as heroes, but instead often harshly criticized? If it weren’t for them who bravely took the first step out to take upon the challenge to benefit others’ lives, you would realize that there would be more social problems within out society arising.

Here’s a video which is part of a broadcast series, “The New Heroes”. Perhaps this will let us feel and understand why we can and should recognize the efforts of the world’s social entrepreneurs as heroes of today.

Mozambique: Guitar Hero

till then, Stormypore (:


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