Tipping the world with joint hands.

There is strength in unity.

You can change the world, not alone but together as one.

Gil Scott-Heron, a poet and musician once said,

Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something

This is what i believe after watching the world go round for 15 years and 4 months:

The world should have more social entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurship works on the basis of a win-win situation. Not only does social entrepreneurship gives you an opportunity to boost business, it enables you to change the world by shining light in midst of darkness.

My rational reasons are very simple. Without social entrepreneurship, the world would not be what it is today. Social entrepreneurship let you manually plan and carry out the plan in order to bring about changes. It allows you to contribute effectively to the world and most importantly make a difference.

Social entrepreneurs are able to adapt idea and set goals to achieve a huge win for everyone. They can give and contribute to the world. They do not build sandcastles in the air but work with realistic minds so much so dream changes can become tangible and real. Social entrepreneurs collaborate together so that they can attain a possible dream, that is, the ability to bring happiness to the world.

This video is an evidence of how Social Entrepreneurship has made a difference:

Social Entrepreneurship can be inculcated when young- we can nurture the spirit of social entrepreneurships and passion to change the community. It is undeniable that social entrepreneurs are even more powerful when they collaborate.  Social Entrepreneurs are essential in this world as when more entrepreneurs come together, they are able to use their gift of being able to give at the highest level effectively. Therefore, we should encourage more people to try being entrepreneurs as the world needs them.

ta, Mistypore.


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