Network, that will do.

Social Enterprise + Social Networking

Where there is unity there is always victory
- Publilius Syrus (Roman author, 1st century B.c.)

We’re often told the story of how a stick can easily be broken while a bunch of sticks can’t. Similarly this is what social network does too, it strengthens the impact of social enterprises and I implore that enterprises should adopt networking, so as to maximise social impact.

I feel that social entreprises can break down different jobs for each enterprise according to their individual forte and strong aspect. If each enterprise focuses on helping each other out with their own different key areas of strength, they can definitely benefit from each other as result will be more prominent and effective.

In this video, Chris Brogan explains the concept of Enterprise Social Networking:

In case you did not manage to catch what he said, here’s the transcription:

Chris Brogan: “so in a community space inside the firewall, there’s alot of good opportunities to build platforms of practice or value where organisations can sort of uh  thread themselves down into the parts that matter to them while not uh, not worrying too badly about the other pieces but getting an opportunity to see the other parts of organisation to see if it benefits”

To sum it up, I would like to share a simple analogy:

with a matchstick, the fire you light is this small:

with many matchsticks, the fire you light can be as huge as this:

If social enterprises uses social network by helping each other, they can create a flame that is huge and prominent so much so the world takes note of it; Social impact is maximised. Thus, I strongly encourage social network to be employed by social enterprises.

Ta, Mistypore(:


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