Kudos to Levis

Am I just slow or slow?!

i’m sure everyone has heard of or come across this advertisement: Looking to replace your jeans? Now is the time! Levis is giving you 50% discount if you bring in your old jeans for trade-in.

yes indeed, i have heard it too.


i never knew the intentions behind this wonderful discount (till recently)!! To my awe, yes, my awe, you didn’t see wrongly, this promotion was organised to maximise help in society:

  • Exchange your old jeans (any brand) for an instant $50 discount off regular priced Levis (Levi’s) bottom ($100 and above). Old Jeans will be donated to the Salvation Army.
  • Your old jeans will be transform into gorgeous items by JUNK’s upcoming designers and the proceeds from auction will go to Malaysian AIDS Foundation to support HIV/AIDS awareness. The balance of the old jeans collected will be donated to charity for the under-privileged.
  • Trade in to Levis and help stop animal cruelty. With every trade-in Levi’s will donate $1 to the WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals).

The well-known brand Levis is using this promotion to help aid in social issues and contribute to social entrepreneurship globally. I never knew there were branded shops out there who wanted to help the society and not just earn money money money. So i guess this discovery came off as  unexpected and definitely turned my perspective 360 degrees.

Levis has tried to make use of the advantage of being a branded good to attract customers to trade in old jeans for a worthy discount to help the needy. Many people don’t know the reason behind this promotion, for example: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/what_bugs_me/275778/levis_gives_you_50_for_jeans_yeah_right.html

yes that’s right. it does sadden me and I feel disappointed and also disturbed that there are people out there criticising the “misleading” Levis advertisement because of their miserably greedy miser-like mindset. I hope they are aware that Levis’s promotion is not organised to cheat their money, but rather, to encourage people to help the needy and show some compassion.

Well honestly, the fact that Levis doesn’t try to put herself in a glorious, heroic lime light is what makes her contribution to the society so remarkably admirable and respectable.

I beseech all of you to participate actively in this Levis promotion as it is a reasonably fair way to aid the needy and contribute to the World of Social Entrepreneurship.

And all i can say is: Kudos to Levis!




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